What is Cloud Gaming?

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Remember those days when there was an excitement from visiting a local gaming store to pick up our physical copy of the latest game, But sadly those days are now over as the technology has taken over.

Physical-copy video game sales have fallen every year since 2009, with roughly 17 percent of today’s total sales coming from physical copies. Digital distribution of video-games has greatly affected video game brick-and-mortar retailers. 

However, this evolution was inevitable in an industry driven by technological breakthroughs, and we can only expect the next phase to take shape. That next phase may be cloud gaming.


So what is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming refers to a game that resides on a company server rather than on the gamer’s computer or device. The gamer enters the game by installing a client program that can access the server where the games are running. The main advantage of cloud gaming is that the company can upgrade the games without having to worry as much about the capabilities of users’ computers.

How cloud gaming works?

Cloud gaming works by first signing up for a subscription service with a library of games you can stream.

Top cloud gaming services

Cloud gaming is taking the gaming world slowly with the storm. Cloud gaming services are going to replace the traditional PC gaming system. One of the biggest issues of Cloud gaming services is to reduce the hardware purchasing cost like infrastructure as a service.

1. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a wonderful games platform which offers more than 500 games. It can be used for streaming video games for money. The platform streamed instantly to your PS4 or PC – or download hundreds of PS4 cloud games straight to your console.

PlayStation Now

They offer new cloud games at each and every month. By £12.99 per month, a user will have limitless access to all for playing from PS Now. Actually, they are the partner of SONY Corporation. PlayStation Now is currently available in 12 countries such as Austria Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK, and the USA.

2. GeForce Now

GeForce Now is another cloud gaming service by which you can do streaming video games online. It already turned its hade towards its splendid graphics and attractive performance. These cloud games prove itself as a versatile game with its ample graphics horsepower and supreme video quality.

GeForce Now

GeForce is such an account which enable all of your devices to play streaming video games online by a single account. It is available on MAC PC, Windows, and Shield. Now you can play any PC game on your low-performance desktop or laptop without an upgrade or external GPU. GeForce NOW supports Windows 7 of 64-bit or better, so you can practice cloud gaming today.

3. Parsec Cloud-based Gaming Services

Parsec makes cloud gaming simple and available anywhere. You can install Parsec on any cloud gaming machine to increase its performance. Parsec also provides gaming PCs in their Cloud Gaming Open market, so the user has the ultimate choice to game anytime from anywhere with their friends on Parsec.

Parsec Cloud-based Gaming Services

It offers to play your preferred games any place with low latency at 60 frames per second. Parsec joins two devices to let you play your cloud games from any place on any equipment.

So you can play your games from the couch, work, or a friend’s vault. So please stop upsetting about how you’re going to get your next game. You can play mechanisms with any down multiplayer game without disturbance.

4. Playkey.net Free Cloud Gaming Services

By Playkey.net free cloud gaming services you can play any top rated games from your PC. Play key cloud gaming technology permits you to play games immediately without downloads and installations.

It is available to even a low-end laptop. Playkey.net offers more than 250 cloud video games. The process of Playkey involves transmit user commends, the signal is transmitted to Playkey server finally user receive the only video stream.

Playkey.net Free Cloud Gaming Services

The Playkey directory contains a wide range of Fighting, Shooter, Adventure, MMO, Racing, and Arcade games. Some free games of Playkey are CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 4, PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019, ROCKET LEAGUE, YAKUZA 0, DRAGON QUEST® XI: ECHOES OF AN ELUSIVE, MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD, SOULCALIBUR VI, SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER, and SCUM.

5. Shadow Cloud Gaming Service

Shadow is the superb High-End Gaming PC, reachable From Multiple Devices. It offers high Performance of gaming forever. Shadow cloud gaming services will always provide all of the power you would get from a high-end gaming computer. It normally tackles the new games release at max settings. This cloud game provides freedom to Play on almost anything.

 Shadow Cloud Gaming Service

Just you need to turn a laptop, Mac, smartphone, tablet or 5-year-old PC into Shadow with the Application. Then the device will be a portal to your Shadow. Shadow’s machinery is improved regularly (at no additional cost) and never need affluent maintenance. Dissimilar to a physical PC, Shadow stays with high performance.

6. Paperspace

Paperspace newly introduced GPU-powered virtual machines that apply for Nvidia’s Pascal cards. While the service is more attentive to cloud computing and machine learning, it is also one of the players performing in the cloud gaming marketplace. Paperspace is the first cloud built for the future.


It empowers next-generation bids and cloud Machine learning/Artificial intelligence pipelines. For your kind information that, it is fully-managed enterprise GPU cloud platform for Desktops, terminals, and servers.

7. Vortex

Vortex cloud-streaming gaming is one of the high demanding cloud games online based on the cloud server. You can easily download and play vortex cloud games. It is a real-time multi-user based gaming as a service. Vortex has more than 100 games to play. It supports PC, Laptop, Android device or iOS. The required configuration of a vortex is not so high.

Vortex Cloud Gaming

It supports Windows very well. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, Fortnite Battle Royale, Doom, Soccer Manager 2018, Realm Royale and No Man’s Sky are the top most popular streaming video games of a vortex.

8. LiquidSky

LiquidSky is another standard cloud gaming service. Its bad facts are that it has hourly limits which often discourage some gamers. Its finest option is the 25-hour selection, with seven days of storing determination, and you can get that for $10.


Monthly payment starts at $19.99 and originates with 80 hours of game time. LiquidSky doesn’t arise with a gaming archive. But you can enjoy any game that you possess for the service.

By LiquidSky you can access any of your game libraries like Blizzard, Steam, Origin, and more to download games you already own. You can treat your LiquidSky SkyComputer just like you would a brand new Personal Computer.

9. Microsoft Azure Cloud Games

Microsoft Azure Cloud GamesMicrosoft Azure Cloud Games is another platform for the cloud games lover. Its focus on cloud tools for managing, building and supporting services and applications. The cloud service has also moved in the cloud gaming market, and though it isn’t actually widespread yet, we’re sure that it will rise to develop one of the top players very soon.

10. Simplay Streaming Video Games

Simplay Streaming Video GamesSimplay is made by a team of adoring gamers. It starts and terminates gaming sessions with an easy API call. The Simplay Streaming Cloud (SSC) grips scaling and server management, so service is always available to the gamers.

The rise of games as a service

Like it or not, most industries are shifting to a service model. For entertainment, the same pattern emerged as advances in bandwidth and technology allowed. First it was music, then it was movies/TV, and now it’s games. The advantages for companies (and users) of services models are just too great to ignore.

For games, service-based models are frequently adopted because they give developers a way to further monetize their work without increasing base prices. With a large install base, there is a much bigger opportunity to make money over the lifetime of a game, rather than just at release. Microtransactions may be controversial for many old guard gamers, but at this point we’re afraid there is no getting rid of them.

Many gamers see cloud gaming as some sort of existential threat to their beloved console and PC titles. It’s as if this new way to consume games will completely erase the last 20 years of gaming history.

Equipment for Live Streaming Video Games

  • To play cloud games you need not require any high configuration PC but for streaming video games you need the following configuration:
  • An Intel Core i5-4670 or an AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) processing unit with the equal ability
  • Windows 7 Home Premium or later
  • 8GB of RAM
  • A graphics card running DirectX 10 or above.

Growth of the cloud gaming market

Cloud gaming brings high-end gaming experiences to a larger audience. It allows users with hardware or device limitations to play the same great titles through the cloud with low latency. This isn’t just great for cloud gaming service providers, but the entire gaming industry in general, and the data backs this.

By 2023, the cloud gaming market is expected to surpass $450 million – that’s up from $45 million in 2017.

Is cloud gaming really the future?

Cloud gaming is growing and is expected to reach vast audiences over the next five years. Its ease-of-use through monthly/yearly subscription models paired with high-end gaming experiences for users with hardware or device limitations makes cloud gaming attractive, but is it really the future of gaming? The data tells us so, but there is a compelling counter-argument – lack of adoption.

A study from SuperData shows that while 8 out of 10 gamers are aware of cloud gaming today, only 26 percent of them actually use or plan on using cloud gaming.

Final Thoughts

After trying out several cloud gaming services, I think it’s clear that they have potential. Even if they aren’t as pleasant to use as a proper gaming rig, as faster internet becomes more readily available and these platforms are improved, the experience could eventually rival an at home gaming tower, but with much more flexibility.

Will you be moving to cloud gaming, or are you committed to an at home machine? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.


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