The Next Batman Game Rumoured to be named Arkham Legacy

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Rumours have emerged suggesting that the next Batman game, under development by WB Games Montreal, will be called Batman: Arkham Legacy.

The speculation was fuelled by US journalist Sabi, a serial (and pretty accurate) leaker of unannounced games, who tweeted: “Arkham legacy?” Sabi added that further rumours about the game suggest it will feature multiple playable characters, tweeting: “The stuff about the playable family seems to be legit.”

The lack of any new Batman game since 2015’s Arkham Knight remains one of the most baffling mysteries in gaming this generation, given how quick most publishers are to put out a sequel to a successful game.

Neither Rocksteady, who are believed to be working on some sort of games a service title, or WB Games Montréal, who made 2013’s Arkham Origins, have released a new game all generation and there’s still no official word from either about what they’re working on.

Unofficially though it seems as if WB Games Montréal’s new game is called Batman: Arkham Legacy and will feature the entire ‘Bat family’ of playable characters.

WB Games Montreal released a series of teasers last month that suggested an official reveal of the new Batman game would take place at Sony’s September State of Play, but that wasn’t the case.

WB Games Montréal has been rumoured to be involved with several cancelled projects, all or most of which were intended to be Batman titles. Last year, one of their developers claimed the studio is working on two new DC Comics games, one of which has long been rumoured to be a Batman game involving the Court of Owls storyline – which is what seemed to be being teased last month.


The mention of a ‘playable family’ is a reference to the Bat family concept from the comics, which includes all of Batman’s many and varied sidekicks and allies. Traditionally, that includes multiple Robins (there have been several – many of which went on to create new alter egos, most notably Nightwing and Red Hood), several Batgirls and/or Oracle, and Batwoman. There are many other more obscure characters the game could chose to include as well, such as more loosely associated (sometime) allies such as Catwoman, Huntress, Azrael, and Creeper.


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