Samsung Unveils New Streaming app for PC Games to be playable on Mobile

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When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 10, it also introduced a new game streaming platform called PlayGalaxy Link which allows you to connect to your PC over WiFi or mobile data and stream your library of games on Samsung Note 10 and 10+ phones. The service supports third-party Bluetooth controllers, mice, and keyboard,On-screen controls are also supported, but they’re inferior.Samsung recommends the glap controller for improved perfomance.

Samsung Glap Controller

When you register a Windows 10 PC with the app and if its using a LAN connection, you’ll even be able to wake it via the Play Galaxy Link. and its completely free of charge, and assume you have the games on your PC already, the app will discover them and auto-populate with a list. You can do this manually too, in case it misses some out

As of  now, the app is only available for the new Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10+. It is also limited to users in the United States and South Korea. However, the app will soon be available for more Galaxy smartphones and also in other regions across the world. The app will have to be installed on both the Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ as well as the Windows PC where the games are installed.

Samsung recommends a high-end gaming PC and a fast Gigabit connection for smooth streaming. The company isn’t really investing a lot as most of the work is done by the user itself. A powerful PC is a must for the PlayGalaxy Link service to work properly.

The system requirements are powerful enough to play AAA titles at respectable graphics settings. And even though the PlayGalaxy Link streaming service is free to download, users will have to purchase their PC games separately, of course.

Let us know what you feel about this app in the comments.

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