PUBG Mobile Update to Add Helicopter and New UI

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PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update could drop on September 9 with Season 9. And now that there are several leaks about the upcoming update, here’s everything we know that may be coming to the game. To start off, there will be a new Royale Pass for Season 9, that seems to be themed after warriors. The upcoming season name seems to be ‘Warriors Unite’.

The exclusive Royale Pass sets and skins that we will get for the next season are The Observer Set, Infected Grizzly M249, The Observer Cover, Infected Grizzly Dacia, Draconian Champion set and weapons. There may be new avatar frames coming in the upcoming update. Besides we will get new parachute, bags, helmets, and other skins. There will probably be new emotes coming as well.


PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update: New Mode

We previously saw a leak with helicopters on the ground in PUBG Mobile. But now it seems these helicopters will not just be stationary and flyable and it will also allow you to fly around with your squad.The helicopter has also a first person view.

The ability to fly helicopters will be available in a special heavy weapons mode but there is no clarity whether the ability to use helicopters will come to the Classic mode or not.

As of now the gameplay is available on the Chinese beta version of the game, and the helicopters in it can be used like normal vehicles. Players can change position, and it even requires fuel. It is rather quick in the air, and players can easily reach the blue zone even is they are far away from it.

You can Checkout the full gameplay from here:

New UI Update 0.14.0

PUBG MOBILE teased a new UI today which looks cool, checkout in the video below.

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