Google Stadia Launch Date Announced

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Google Stadia is the internet giant’s long-awaited, often-rumoured game streaming service. which has finally confirmed to lauch on November 19, 2019  and also Rockstar has confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be teased as a launch title for the service and the only way to play at launch will be by purchasing either the limited edition Founders Edition or Premiere bundles.

What is Google Stadia and what does it constitute to the gaming industry?

Stadia is a game streaming service that will run on any PC using Chrome, any TV equipped with Cromecast or any mobile device with the app.

Stadia will have virtually no local processing. The game will run off of Cloud machines powered by CPUs and GPUs, custom built by AMD, with the ability to stream up to 4k and 60 fps. Stadia’s controller will connect directly to its servers via Wi-Fi instead of routing through your device. Moreover, Google says they developed a number of other ways to minimize lag on the back-end, but that’s something gamers can’t know for sure until the service launches.

If Stadia raises to everyone’s expectations, it can be a revolution to the gaming industry.The future of cloud gaming is near, and instead of trying to play nice with its leaders, Google is choosing to become a leader itself.

CEO Sundar Pichai said during the Stadia announcement at the GDC 2019: “Our custom server hardware and data centers can bring more computing to more people on planet Earth than anyone else.” In fact, that’s what Google’s empire is built upon.

However, Stadia may not be the best fit for the most hardcore users. The reason is that the latency between the gamer’s reaction and what is being displayed onscreen is not null, though it’s probably good enough for the vast majority of users, which is still a worthy reward for the company’s efforts to take on the massive gaming market.

Google isn’t the first company to pursue game streaming, and it won’t be the last either. But it’s definitely the only one to launch with such pomp and circumstance that it’s caught the public eye like nothing before it. Nvidia has been offering a similar service for years in its GeForce Now platform, but despite its 300,000 monthly users, and 1 million more apparently queuing up to join, it’s never made the splash that Google Stadia suddenly has.

Google Stadia availability
At launch Stadia will only be available in 14 different countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, and select European countries.

Google Stadia specs
Stadia will scale up as and when more performance is required. But we do know that each instance will utilise a custom x86 Intel CPU running at 2.7GHz. This will be paired with custom AMD graphics silicon capable of 10.7 teraflops of raw compute, fitted with 56 compute units and HBM2 memory.

Google Stadia pricing

There are two bundles available to get you into Stadia day one: the Founders Edition or the Premiere bundle. The ongoing Stadia Pro subscription will be $10 US, or £10. That will be the only way to access at first, but in 2020 it will open up and offer a free Stadia Base sub.

Google Stadia performance

Google has made progress since Project Stream was first tested, and now Stadia is capable of 4K at 60fps. Down the line, Google has promised 8K and >120fps gaming. But streaming poses new challenges, and a stable internet connection will be required to make the most out of the tech on offer.

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