Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review

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Developed and published by Ubisoft,  this is basically another Ghost recon in the same direction as wild lands. Its Got a massive open world. We’re free to do whatever we want and we’ve got our vehicles, we’ve got everything.

Now this is however not a really hardcore stealth game,the shooting and the physics. And stuff like that really do seem quite Arcady. The kind of AI isn’t as intelligent as you would really want it to be. Even on the harder levels. It kind of just makes their awareness a bit higher. Now let’s talk about the open world ,like we said, it’s an open world game like Wildlands where you can pretty much do whatever you want and you’ve got your side missions, your main mission is you’ve got a load of boxes, got a load of law, collectibles and all  to explore.


Now, as far as graphics goes with this massive open world, it looks absolutely amazing. The way the shadows work, the way the wind blows, the way the trees move, just how the water reflects and stuff like that, how the sun work, it looks absolutely incredible. Especially like from a distance when you maybe running up to a massive open kind of area, you really kind of get the feel of how open the area is or how the winds blowing through the trees, especially with good sound effects. When you’ve got decent headsets, the experience is really immersive.However, even if it does look that good, the map does feel kind of empty and it feels a bit repetitive.

The only interesting things you can kind of find around in a map are collectibles, it may be even more fun since the guns do feel more arcady. Basically most of the guns that just lays a point as at this point and it’s definitely not hard to get head shots or anything like that no matter how far away you are.
So maybe for the less experienced player, it may even be more enjoyable. But if you’re really looking for something really stealthy hardcore, this is totally not the game for you.

It really does make you feel like you’re there. The explosions also have like this really nice boom to them and just the surround effects are really, really good. sometimes they do look a bit weird that wind. But yeah, all in all, it’s not a horrible game.

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