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So after nearly three years Microsoft has released Gears of War 5. Or is it just gears 5 now for some reason we don’t know. With that being said it’s Microsoft’s first all out triple-A first party exclusive in a long long time and supposedly this release will let us all know what to expect from Microsoft’s first party in the years to come. This right here is the measuring stick. The quality that we’ve all been waiting for. We’ll get an idea on just what we can see in the future for Microsoft newly revamped first party studios.


Developer: The Coalition
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Platform: Xbox One, Windows
Release Date: Sept. 10, 2019
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Price: $59.99


Gears 5‘s story picks up where Gears 4 left off, but Kait Diaz will take center stage. Kate was first introduced in Gears 4, as an Outsider turned Gear soldier with a mysterious connection to the Locust. In the nightmarish story trailer shown at E3 2019, we see that Kait is currently going through something fierce. Squad mates like JD Fenix and Delmont Walker pop into her mind, and they don’t look like they are doing well either. Then Kait’s face turns chilly and unsettling. 

Kait’s having visions that are connected to her grandmother’s Locust necklace. This leads to a mission to ground zero of the Locust formation. Only Kait, Marcus and Delmont go at least at first. Gears 4 protagonist JD doesn’t want to help. This would seem to suggest that Gears 5 will have a secondary narrative starring JD, but it’s unclear if you’ll play as the Gears 4 protagonist throughout the campaign.

Like other Gears games, you run around as a soldier, viewed in a third-person perspective, while blasting monsters with military-grade guns and explosives. Ducking-and-covering is still a core Gears tenet, and this means you’re constantly bouncing between spots of chest-high debris (which your character conveniently auto-sticks to) while flanking enemies from opposite angles (and making sure they don’t do the same to you).


Gears 5 is probably the best looking game of this generation and it might not be that close to be honest with you. it’s graphically amazing the lighting the character models they’re all spot on and at a blistering 60 frames per second across all game modes on the Xbox One X it really make for a stunning experience for everyone though coalition should be very proud of the competition they’ve made with gears 5. It’s truly an evolution to the series in terms of graphics a game everyone needs to see in person to really appreciate what has actually been done.

We keep saying this you have to see this game to actually believe it now when it comes to the gameplay. There’s tons to do. There’s the campaign which will take you between eight to twelve hours for the average player to finish. Mind you if you’re a completionist or playing it on the hardest levels it’s gonna take you a little bit longer.

Now there’s the traditional multiplayer as well. There’s horde mode and now there’s even the new escape mode really offering something for everyone. Right now it should be noted that there were multiplayer in terms of that you can’t really disable cross play with anything but the ranked matches that might be a problem for you. What this means is if you play arcade or one of the modes that are more accessible you’ll be subjected to people using a mouse and keyboard among other advantages that P.S. brings. You can always play rank and disable cosplay of course but it seems like that’s where the super try hard hardcore play. And again if you’re just looking for a quick few games it might not be the best for newcomers. So basically your option for the multiplayer are playing against seasoned players who take it to the limit or against P.C. players who have a natural advantage with keyboard and mouse especially with the new arcade mode where long range weapons are the advantage for them. The precision is unmatched with a mouse. It’s really really frustrating at times.

Now the escape mode is a fresh take on the Left 4 Dead formula. If you guys remember that game but probably won’t stick around as a fan favorite horde mode is fun as well but really seems to lack the innovation that it once had so long ago the single player mode is fully fleshed out and this finally the triple A big budget exclusive x box desperately need it. But the quality suffers from numerous bugs and glitches throughout the game save glitches game freezes game crashes numerous sections of the game that we couldn’t progress


As a proper GOW fan from day one, we can honestly say that Gears 5 is amazing. Some nostalgia for the proper GOW fans, long and properly enjoyable campaign of fast-paced RPG and awesome CGI.Everything a GOW fan wanted in our opinion, and not just a cash grab game. Full and enjoyable story, perfect environments, a balance of characters and, as with all the GOW games before it, this manages to add something completely different to this new installment, making it another unique GOW game that follows the story GOW fans know and love.

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