Clash of Consoles: The battle between the next generation of consoles

Akash Elango
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Sony has confirmed that its next generation console will be called the “Playstation 5 “,and it’ll be launching out next year for “Holiday 2020”.One big change Sony is talking about is a technology called “adaptive triggers ” which will go in the primary R2/L2 triggers on the PS5’s controller.

According to sources, Sony developers have programmed the resistance of the triggers, where you’ll have to give more pressure to triggers when you drive through mud or terrain, when you cook a grenade etc.Earlier this year ,Microsoft also announced of a similar trigger system for its future Xbox controller.(its not confirmed if Microsoft has already implemented in its next gen project : Scarlett )

In addition to these ,Major tech giants like Google,Apple , Nintendo are also implementing different strategies to enter into this competitive market.

And now we have :

  • Microsoft ,after being punished for its Xbox one VCR debacle, is back in game with its Project Scarlett ,hedging its bet with xCloud
  • Sony is looking to stream games to any android or iOS device at 4k .

  • Google, the new contestant,has promised to enhance the entire gaming ecosystem by putting an entire console in the cloud and letting you game with just a INR 3000 dongle
  • Apple for sure is finally doing something relevant to gaming with Apple arcade
  • Oculus is still pushing to great heights with its new hand tracking technology
  • Nitendo is still quite strong trying to further expand its Mario Kart empire .

On the whole, we have all these samurais competing on improving innovation and ways to distribute more immersive experience to gamers .

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