Call of Duty Mobile Worldwide Release Date Announced

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Activision has announced the worldwide release date for Call of Duty: Mobile: October 1.

Call of Duty: Mobile is Activision’s first large free to play venture in the mobile market, as the mobile gaming industry continues to expand at an incredible pace in markets worldwide.

The game will launch with several Call of Duty multiplayer modes and Battle Royale. Additional modes, content and time-limited events will be added “on a regular basis”.

It will be a free download with premium content available as in-app purchases.

“We are delivering the definitive, first-person action experience on mobile with signature Call of Duty gameplay in the palms of your hands,” said Activision’s vice president of mobile, Chris Plummer.

“We are bringing together some of the best the franchise has to offer, including Modern Warfare maps like Crash and Crossfire, Black Ops maps like Nuketown and Hijacked, and many more, into one epic title.

“We’ve tested the game extensively in select territories and the feedback we’ve received has helped us refine the experience for 1 October.”

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Call of Duty®: Mobile will be the first FPS title in the franchise to be released simultaneously on iOS and Android. A few years ago, Activision proposed Call of Duty: Strike Team, a game combining shooting and strategy on iOS. Call of Duty®: Mobile will offer an experience that is rather faithful to the titles of the license, released on console and PC.

This is a resolutely multiplayer game that will allow you to play games with rankings, with your friends and on maps typical of the COD universe. Tencent has planned updates with the arrival of new modes and content. The game will even feature a Battle Royale mode!



The game will feature a range of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, but also sniper rifles, handguns and hunters. The vast majority of these weapons are customizable. Here is the list of weapons of the mobile version of Call of Duty:

  • M4
  • AK47
  • AKS74U
  • Chicom
  • HS2126
  • BY15
  • DPS
  • Arctic50
  • XPR-50
  • BK57
  • J35B
  • MWII
  • Type 25
  • FHJ-18 AA
  • LK24
  • PDW57
  • Striker
  • UL736
  • M2I EBR


The game graphics are very realistic and rumors are that it has an HDR mode. The game developers have not yet published the official list of smartphones compatible with Call of Duty®: Mobile. However, based on our experience, we can say that the game will be supported by smartphones equipped with the following chips and graphics processors:

  • Snapdragon 845 + Adreno 630
  • Snapdragon 855 + Adreno 640
  • Kirin 970 + Mali-G72
  • Kirin 980 + Mali-G76
  • Exynos 9810 + Mali-G72
  • Exynos 9820 + Mali-G76

More information on the compatibility of Call Of Duty Mobile

As far as RAM is concerned, the game should require at least 3 GB of RAM. You will notice that these are high-end components. Tencent is still working on graphic optimization for less powerful smartphones.

Some Call of Duty Mobile wallpapers for you..


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