Borderlands 3 Review

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Borderlands 3 is a welcome return to form for the franchise. This is a very solid title with some great shooting some really interesting rework, some old mechanics and a bit of some very terrible jokes. Let’s just try and dig through this piece by piece and analyze why this sequel is great.

Set seven years after the events of Borderlands 2, Borderlands 3 wraps up most of the narratives established in the earlier games, while also teasing additional threads that could be explored in the future.

Borderlands three really plays like a dream when you compare it to earlier entries in the series sometimes certain makes from certain guns don’t really recoil. But that’s usually pretty typical them like the Hyperion SMG are always going to become more accurate as you continue to fire them. But this game played really well when it came to gunplay.

Gunplay feels amazing

Borderlands 3 is all about guns, and the moment-to-moment gameplay of runnin’-and-gunnin’ around a map, finding cover, climbing obstacles, and looting crates feels better than it has in previous games. Most of your weapons fire smoothly, and they’re responsive.

A number of weapons have alt-modes as well. A button-press gives your pistol a tracker, which tags a foe. You switch back to smart bullets and when you fire, your projectiles hone in on your foe, even around cover and corners.

The enemies feel smarter, too, plunging for cover on the regular and trying to flank you with assault units when possible. Maybe we’ve just forgotten this from Borderlands 2, but our foes feel more intelligent this time around.

The Story

So far, the story is serviceable—you begin the game working for Lilith, the Siren from the very first Borderlands, and are drawn into conflict with the Calypso Twins, a couple of livestreamers with loud personalities and a penchant for snuff. The Calypsos have united all of the bandits of Pandora, and they’ve got designs on finding Vaults in Borderlands lore, they’re hidden lairs rumored to be full of unimaginable loot, but in reality often come with a nasty surprise on planets across the galaxy. So it’s up to you to chase them, because they clearly won’t use whatever they find in a Vault for any good.

Overall Borderlands 3 feels like a game that doesn’t have a whole lot to prove. It has piles of guns and a rude attitude and little people to shoot.

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